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Each One Educate One is an initiative that is championing the growth and expansion of values-based, holistic, free education in rural India. The initiative helps fund the running of the network of schools under the Prashanthi Bala Mandira Trust.

The Each One Educate One initiative is driven by the alumni and alumnae of the various Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions. The alumni and alumnae, having been beneficiaries of this unique form of education, have today stepped forward to pass on this advantage of values-based free education to the next generation of children. While the Each One Educate One platform was founded and is managed by the alumni and alumnae community, today many more have joined this cause and are volunteering their time and resources to the cause of education, making this a truly ‘peoples movement’.

Today, the education of around 2200 children is being funded through this program. This academic year (2019-20), we plan to extend this to 5000 children



To provide high quality, values based holistic education, totally free of cost to the deprived and needy children to create strong individuals with a brilliant intellect, compassionate heart and competent hands.  


To support the setup of one educational institution in each of the 600+ districts of India imparting values based holistic education thus serving as a model for other institutions in that region.  

One can contribute towards the program directly to the Prashanthi Bala Mandira Trust or channel their contributions through the Each One Educate One Foundation – a registered trust (www.eachoneeducateone.org). On an average, it takes INR 18,000 to educate one student for a year in one of our schools. One can select from any of the 13 campuses (boys and girls) and contribute towards the program.

Contact: Vybhava S - +91 9980211198   Visit us at website: eachoneeducateone.org Download E1E1 Brochure

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